Rolex log 41 watch from the classic feel extraordinary charm

Rolex log 41 watch, from the classic feel extraordinary charm for Rolex this famous watch brand, I believe many fashion people are not unfamiliar. In the end Rolex, there is a table that is worth collecting, and now Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a.

Rolex日志型41腕表 从经典中感受非凡魅力

Speaking of Rolex, presumably everyone is familiar with. With the classic aesthetic elements and excellent function to form the brand’s most unique attraction, each meter after the baptism of the years after still maintained its classic connotation. By virtue of the excellent quality such as rock, the delicate atmosphere of Rolex has become the most recognizable table in most of the friends of the best time brand. In 2016, Rolex new brand heritage process in the past, launched a number of exquisite, elegant new timepiece, which is I want to introduce the Rolex Memorial bracelet type watch log 41 today.

Rolex日志型41腕表 从经典中感受非凡魅力    Steel, just as its name implies is the combination of gold and refined steel, gold luxury noble, desirable. Fine steel solid and reliable, to show men’s tough feelings. The fusion of these two materials, it means that the two will be combined with the excellent characteristics of the classic beauty of hale and hearty luxury. Rolex as a distinct symbol of true, as early as 1930, Rolex watches on its tracks, to 1933 officially registered trademark name, oyster perpetual series will have a steel watch.

Rolex日志型41腕表 从经典中感受非凡魅力

The watch 41 mm steel case is made up of the 18ct Gold Triangle pits and the 904L stainless steel middle case, and the excellent material shows the strong and perfect proportion. After grinding, the two kinds of metal exudes a different luster, bringing the most unique watch table view of the two.

Unique champagne gold dial from 18ct Gold to create, showing luxury and elegant style. The gold marked fluorescent part and the golden hand are covered, even in the dark environment can also add to the readability of the observation time, watch.

This watch is also set up Rolex has always been the use of drip type 2.5 times the date of amplification devices to facilitate the observation of the date, as one of the characteristics of Rolex it also deepened the brand identity of the watch.


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